Who We Are

The association's goal, in general, is to advance the common interests of its members, but more specifically:

  • To promote the establishment of uniform rules of conduct and the establishment of uniform standards and codes-of-honor between the administration offices and the tax consultants on Bonaire, together with other entities which have an interest in administrative offices and tax advisers with respect to the activities of the membership;

  •  To promote the establishment of a unified position by its membership in regard to relevant current issues within the industry on Bonaire, as well as for future issues as they arise, promoting these positions as necessary or when desirable;

  • With the interest of mutual consent within the association, members will:

    Conduct consultations with third parties, or grant assistance to members in consultation with third parties, as requested by the membership;

    Establish and maintain contacts and cooperation between the membership and the association, but also with other entities which have either an interest or a similar institution elsewhere, as well as with public and private organizations and special-interest groups, all which have a common interest with administrative and financial entities;

  • To promote the development and, if possible, self-governance of measures and provisions to which the association's members must adhere;

  • To form support or special-interest groups within the membership, as needed;

  • To execute any or all activities conducive to the association's stated goals.

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